Pearl Taylor

My Career

After careers in teaching and gardening a portfolio course at Herefordshire College of Art (HCA) enabled me to discover fleece. There, I moulded wet fibres around my arm to make an Elizabethan style glove for a live brief which won a prize at Chelsea College of Art. Inspired by this membership of   the International Feltmakers Association followed. However my textile career spans over thirty years moving from functional necessity to exploration of concepts through multi-media and back to functional essentials.

My Roots

Stitch and people who have stitched fascinate me. At present, the thousands of moments and memories captured in Welsh Wholecloths in precise, neat marks fascinate me. My current wet felted shawls have stitch moments attached as an acknowledgement of those who have gone before and those who will wear and use now and later. As a full time carer the concept of memory and locking in moments of constructive being are emotive, vital for survival and inform my work.

My matriarchal home was in Cwmdu and, although now living on the Herefordshire/Welsh borderlands, my heart is always in my Welsh homelands. So the chance to return to Brecon to show the Silures series of wearable art and the Wholecloth series is a joy and a privilege.

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