Mothers’ Day

Felting workshop March 16I love my job! First, I listen, really listen to the “client”, then I question, then we make a list of actions, in this case:
1. Blend colours suitable for a gift for Mother’s day.
2. Design on a table with lots of coffee and cake.
3. Prepare the silk (wetting and folding so we don’t have nasty raw edges
and perish the thought, have to sew a raw edge.
4. Lay out the main design.
5. Play with colours and balance
6. Wet down with softest olive oil soap and soft farmhouse water.
7. Rub gently, laugh together and share life experiences.
8. Roll to sort out tight muscles, loosen knees and firm up arm muscles.
9. Watch the magic of nuno felting.
10. Find a jiffy bag, make a quick bit of felt to insert into a personalised card whilst the scarf is drying in front of the woodturner.
11. Despatch happy customer to a great local pub The Tram, in Eardisley for a super locally sourced meal.

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